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LED Fixtures

While there are still halogen bulbs available for you to buy, many types are not produced today, therefore it is better to switch and change to LED fixtures or LED bulbs. The LED bulbs are in great trend these days because of their several benefits and most importantly they consume very less energy which makes them a cost-effective product.

If you are looking forward to buy LED fixtures online there is no company as better as M-Tech Equipments. We sell the best products of all time that are customisable as well. You will be amazed to see the benefits that they have. If you are still not sure whether switching is a great idea or not. Read these following benefits.

They Are Longer Than Incandescent Bulbs

The main advantage of LEDs is that they are designed to last on an average of 35000 hours and that can sometimes extend to 100000 hours. You can export your LED bulb to past for about fifteen years even if you use it for 6-8 hours days. They do not heat up neither they lose their brightness.

They Are Energy Efficient

Another advantage that cannot be overlooked is how energy efficient this product from M-Tech Equipments is. They gave an efficiency of 80-90 percentage which means that their 80-90% of energy is turned into light than heat.

They Are Environment Friendly

LEDs are environmentally friendly as they do not contain any mercury or any other hazardous element inside it. You will be happy to know that it doesn’t even emit UV rays which are harmful to the environment, unlike other lights. Therefore using these are both environmentally and economically efficient.

We sell Online, LED Fixtures Manufacturer in Bahadrabad to our customers and clients. They are happy with the quality and advantages of the product that we sell. You should also choose us and get the best-LED lights for different purposes.


One of the advantages of using spotlight lighting is that the amount of light that spotlights can emit. Although the spotlights are used to direct light only on one spot still they work quite efficiently to illuminate the area. This is the reason why the spotlight is used widely for task lighting. Another reason why one would love to use

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If you want LED street light housing fixture then come and contact us at M-Tech Equipments. There are several different types of street light LED fixtures available depending on your requirements of the LED street lights and LED street lamps housing fixture. Mainly you will find two times of LED fixtures, the first id the high power LED in

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In this time when we should be conscious about the budget and take care that we take every measurement to save money, the LED down fixtures are great to use. We all are aware of the high electricity bills that we have to give every month. Now it is easy to save money on electricity bill with the use of LED downlight fixtures from M-Tech

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The LED compete with the traditional lighting systems in numerous ways which include greater energy efficiency, smaller size and longer lifespan. Nowadays, manufacturers are making the lights innovative and improve the economic scale. One of the newest packaged solutions that have come to highlight because it helps you to lower the cost is LED

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The recently technological changes and innovation have made the way to the rebirth of street lights that use solar power for functioning. The solar street lights are raised light sources that are placed outdoors and are powered with the use of Photovoltaic or PV panels that are like the rechargeable batteries and produce lights throughout the

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