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How Do The Led Cob Fixture Manufacturers Produce Efficient Lighting Device?

Posted by Admin on June, 11, 2020

The LED compete with the traditional lighting systems in numerous ways which include greater energy efficiency, smaller size and longer lifespan. Nowadays, manufacturers are making the lights innovative and improve the economic scale. One of the newest packaged solutions is LED COB fixture. These have come to highlight as they help you to lower the cost of electricity consumption. These lights contain multiple diodes in a single board or surface. These lights cannot change colour diodes.

What is LED COB fixture?

This is a lightning arrangement in which there are LED chips in semiconductor form. These are either connected or encased but directly attached to a PCB or more generally on a substrate. Chips on Board or COB is the latest technology of LED which involves the packaging of lights for the LED light engine. Multiple LED chips are wrapped together as one lighting component. When it is lit up, it appears as a lighting panel.

Some of the prominent LED Cob Fixture manufacturers offer the best-LED COB fixtures that are widely used by several customers these days. They will help you save a lot of money on your upcoming electricity bills

There are several reasons why people consider COB LEDs for their use. According to a recent report it is been found that the COB LEDs emit light at wide areas and can be used to as street and highway lights. They deliver other major benefits also like better lighting effect, colour mixing and low thermal resistance. Along with these they are efficient heat dissipation, provide high power density and needs a very less portion of the board’s space.

Applications of LED COB Lights –

Chips on board, COB LEDs are the latest types of LED lights that are being used. The usage of these lights is quite versatile. Since they produce a large number of lumens lights in a very small amount of energy used, they are used in smaller devices like a flashlight in cameras etc.

The primary use for COB LEDs would be as solid-state lighting (SSL) replacements for metal-halide lamps in applications such as high-bay lighting, street lights, and high-output track lights and downlights.

What Are The Benefits Of COB LEDs?

There are several benefits of using COB LEDs. Some are:

  • They are compact because of the small size of the chip
  • They have high intensity usually at close distances
  • These lights have high uniformity even at the close working distances
  • The design is quite simple, only 1 circuit and two contacts are needed.
  • It has an increased life, reliability and stability and has a superior thermal performance.

Aluminium LED COB fixture is the best in the industry to use. The leading manufacturers provide you with the best lights that can be used for several purposes and in different places. You can even buy LED Cob fixture online. For this, you need to search for a reliable manufacturer.

Here are salient features of top LED cob fixture manufacturers:

  • They can fulfil bulk order easily to the retail suppliers.
  • They ensure safe and secure packaging to avoid damage.
  • Always manufacture high-quality products meeting all parameters of standard.
  • With the help of wide distribution always follow the timely delivery principle.
  • Beats market leaders with affordable pricing

Feel free to place an order online as they offer secure payment options also. Order the required products and get them on time.

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